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About Us

Welcome to Clan Douglas Society of North America Ltd!


Clan Douglas Society of N.A. Ltd. aka as "CDSNA" is a charitable non-profit organization of Scottish descendants of the septs and allied families of the Family/Clan Douglas whose purpose is to foster and promote understanding and good fellowship among other Scottish descendants, to study and learn about our Scottish heritage, and to promote and increase our friendships with those of similar mind now residing in Scotland and the world.

CDSNA has Regents representing our organization throughout the United States, our affiliates in Canada, and Australia by promoting Douglas heritage at many Scottish Festivals and Highland Games.


Where do membership dues go?

  • A quarterly Clan newsletter  DUBH GHLASE— with articles on Douglas family history and Clan Douglas activities across North America;

  • Clan Douglas tent sponsorships at the numerous Scottish Games and Festivals throughout the United States;

  • Support for Scotland’s Douglas Heritage Museum;

  • Clan Douglas Society of North America, Ltd. scholarships (up to four a year in the amount of $250.00 each) to selected applicants dedicated to continuing their instruction and furthering their education in the field of Scottish art, piping, drumming, dancing, Scottish related languages or general Scottish studies.


More About CDSNA


Clan Douglas Society of North America, CDSNA, was organized in 1975 at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games and Gathering of Scottish Clans in Linville, North Carolina and duly incorporated July 21, 1977.  CDSNA is a tax-exempt organization recognized as a charitable historical organization by the IRS and all donations to CDSNA are tax deductible. 

CDSNA is totally independent of any associations in Scotland, where the Chief of the Clan is said to be “dormant”.  CDSNA is neutral on any and all claims or movements to establish a claim for a Chief of the House of Douglas.  If an active Chief of the House of Douglas should be named, it will become incumbent on active CDSNA members to make application to such Chief or chief’s organization and establish personal claim of right to affiliation with them.

CDSNA works to maintain a cordial relationship with the office of The Lord Lyon, The Duke of Hamilton, The Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, The Earl of Hume, The Earl of Morton, and others within the historical House of Douglas.  We ask all such persons to advise us on any matter to assure cordial and diplomatic relationships and to maintain historical accuracy.  CDSNA recognizes the ignorance of most Americans on these matters of peerage and apologizes to our cousins abroad for any trespasses in such matters.  Society members are encouraged to preserve our Douglas and Scottish heritage and support the Douglas Heritage Museum in Douglas, Scotland by becoming a “friend of Douglas Heritage.

CDSNA is therefore an independent American and Canadian organization although we do extend the privilege of affiliation with our Society to persons worldwide having the surname of Douglas or one of the many other surnames of families traditionally and/or historically allied to the House of Douglas or with spouses of such lineage. CDSNA currently has members in several foreign countries.

The primary unifying efforts of the Society are

  • A quarterly newsletter, Dubh Ghlase (Gaelic for Black Water), available in a full-color, digital format via email;

  • A clan website with resources for members and regents;

  • Facebook Page - to provide information about Clan Douglas Society of North America;

  • Facebook Group  to interact with other Clan Douglas members and affiliates.

  • Sponsored Clan tents at selected Celtic/Scottish events coast to coast (Events can be found on the Facebook Page and Group and in the Newsletter.

  • General Members Meeting where Clan Douglas members have a meeting every three years to network and as a social gathering. The next meeting will be held in 2024 in conjunction with the  Grandfather Mountain Highland Games .


General Members Meeting, GMM

CDSNA has its triennial (every third year) General Members’ Business Meeting, GMM, concurrent in a location hosting a Scottish game or festival sponsored by a clan Regent. Announcements informing membership of any GMM arrangements will be publicized at least six months in advance of the GMM in Dubh Ghlase, the official newsletter of the Clan Douglas Society of North America, and also on the clan website. Any change of GMM time or place or any special meetings may be designated by the President, with approval of the Board. Any change requires 30 days written notice to all members.


Announcements informing membership of the GMM arrangements will be published on this website and in the newsletter. 




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